Who should write your job description?

The ideal scenario would be a combination of the marketing department along with the department that has the vacancy.

I see so many job descriptions that are basically a list of bullet points of the skills you must have or the tasks you will be expected to perform.

Always remember you are trying to attract the best talent for your vacancy which will probably mean that you’ll be attracting them away from a competitor so you need to show them how much better it will be at your company.

It’s a bit like dating, although it’s been a while I seem to remember that if you met a potential partner and immediately gave them a list of things you expect them to do such as turn up on time, be able to drive, lift at least 20 kilos, then your chances of getting a date would be slim.
But if you paint a mental picture of how life would be with you, picnics on the beach, dancing in the rain, no heavy lifting, then you have a chance.

With any job description you should start with an engaging sentence or two, something about the culture in your company or team, what you are aiming for in terms of the future so the candidate can feel part of your vision. Do you offer any noteworthy benefits from success bonus to in house chef?

Reluctantly I admit there does need to be some bullet points for specific software knowledge etc. but let’s face it, if you’re looking for a race engineer in the WEC that requires minimum 5 years experience in top level motorsport then the right candidates will already know what will be expected of them.

Videos are an important tool in helping to attract the right talent, rarely used to my surprise but Toyota Motorsport made a great series on their employees and what they do – a great insight into the company and they have a great restaurant!