Employer FAQ's

If you have a question that is not covered, contact us at info@racestaff.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How do we list our job advertisement?

You can use our online system to add your job or you can email it to us and we will list it for you and send an invoice. For us to list your job we will need the job description, your logo, the email address for the applications to be sent to (this email address is not visible on our system) or the website address if applications are to be made on your own website. You can send this information to sarah@racestaff.com

You can see pricing options available on this page.

How many applications can we expect to receive?

Motorsport is a specialist business so it is doubtful that you would receive hundreds of applications, for most vacancies we would expect several up to a few dozen. Relevance is key to what we do, we would prefer you to receive 3 very accurate applications rather than 300 irrelevant applications.

How long is our job advertisement visible on RaceStaff.com?

Jobs ads are live for 60 days but you can remove them at any time once the job vacancy has been filled.

How soon can my job advertisement be online?

If you add your job advertisement online then it is immediately displayed. If we add it for you it will usually be within a few hours.

Can we add photos and video to our job advertisement?

Yes, you can include photos and video within the body of the job advertisement and also have a ‘custom’ page made for you with a banner header photo etc. The video needs to be ‘embedded’ so you can send the embed link and any photos to Sarah to be included.

Do you offer a ‘headhunting’ service?

Yes, this is useful for urgent requirements, difficult to find personnel or commercially sensitive roles. This differs from placing a job advertisement as we actively approach relevant personnel who are probably not looking for a new position until we suggest it to them. We charge a percentage fee for this and have success in Formula 1, Formula E, WEC, IMSA and many other race series and associated companies.

What is the deadline for my job advertisement to be included in your weekly jobs bulletin?

Our jobs bulletin is sent out every Tuesday at 12.30 GMT, we would need your job advertisement to be live by 11am Tuesday.