5 Key tips for finding the best Motorsport staff

5 Key Tips for Finding the Best Motorsport Staff


I think we can all agree that it’s a candidates market right now so we have to work harder to attract the best talent for your race team or motorsport business. Let’s face it most good candidates already have a good job, your job is to make them a better offer – “What’s in it for them?” The first point of contact is going to be your job description, depending how engaging this is can immediately determine if a candidate even reads to the end of it let alone decides to apply for your vacancy. Rather than a list of bullet points stating what you must be, we need to engage with candidates and make it more appealing that what they are

Tip 1

Use a conversational tone You’re not writing a technical manual; you’re communicating with another human. As with most forms of marketing – and this is what we’re doing here, it works best when you write as if you are talking to one person, and that one person is a friend. Write as if you are talking with them in a coffee shop rather than addressing

Tip 2

Evoke emotion Remember to include any social elements at work, monthly BBQ, Social events, trips away etc make the candidate want to be a part of your team, make them imagine themselves being involved in your activities and the team spirit that you promote. Career progression opportunities are also important to include. You can also include photos or video in your job description which, again, helps the candidate imagine being there and working as

Tip 3

urrent employee testimonial Ask your current employees what they like about working as part of your company / team, chances are they will say something you couldn’t have imagined and that’s what makes a great testimonial. I remember Toyota Motorsport making a brilliant set of videos in different departments around their facility in Cologne introducing members of their team and talking about what they do in that department and what they enjoy about working there. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video must be worth a

Tip 4

Salary or no salary? I always prefer a salary to be stated, even if it is a salary range. If nothing else it helps to pre-qualify candidates which you can also do by asking some questions at the end of the job description that candidates must answer before they can apply – our system

Tip 5

Beyond job descriptions Advertising your vacancy on a specialist job board works over 60% of the time (based on our statistics) but there are specialist vacancies that are difficult to fill. Some of the best candidates for these vacancies are probably not on the lookout for a new position so no amount of advertising will catch their attention. This is when a direct approach is required, we offer a fixed price talent search option as well as a Hybrid option which involves us targeting the