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New website is live !

The all new RaceStaff.com website, live July 2015 !

After months of hard work, late nights, lots of coffee, the RaceStaff team finally launched a new website !

It incorporates a wish list from what we have learnt over the last 4 years and will be continaully upgraded as new ideas come to us or are sent to us by the people that matter most - you guys, the users of this site.

Here are some of the new features;

Employers can have a dedicated and branded 'landing page' to list their vacancies and use as their very own jobs page.

Candidates have more options in setting up their account and their profile is now searchable. They can still remain anonymous if they wish, in which case the employer clicks a link to send an email to the anonymous candidate they are interested in - it is then up to the candidate if they respond to the request (probably best not to if it's your current employer !).

Better looking layout, we hope ! Let us know what you think, and please send in your ideas for improvements to info@racestaff.com, we'll find a gift to send for the best ideas....

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