Customer Support Engineer

Customer Support Engineer

Date Posted
28th August 2018
Banbury / UK
Competitive Salary

We are already experiencing unprecedented customer demand for the 'all-new' GT3 and GT4 vehicles and are significantly growing our factory build team to meet this demand.  We are also recruiting an additional four Customer Support Engineers of varying levels of experience to meet our known and demanding schedule.

The stunning design and outstanding build quality of the cars are great foundations but it is our Customer Support Engineers who then accompany, guide and support our customers through their global race events and programmes that sets us apart from the competition and cements us as their partner of choice.  It is a relationship based on trust and a common purpose.  Trust in the knowledge that a well-funded factory operation will deliver on time; we'll be ready to race every time. The common purpose; to win.


You will have a minimum of 3 years' experience within the industry and understand the fundamental principles of engine operation, chassis control and experience in suspension, body shell and driveline components. If you have a passion and drive for motorsport, enjoy travel and love winning, we will help you realise your potential.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Provide technical input to the customer to assist with car setup and strategy
  • Adjust engine mapping and track strategies tailored to relevant circuits
  • Advise the customer to ensure their parts requirement is sufficient to achieve their objectives
  • Provide scheduling information for purchasing to ensure efficient parts manufacture and supply
  • Generate post event reports highlighting issues and recommendations on improvement
  • Progress recommendations following an event
  • Ensure efficient operation of the car and engine by the customer


Come and make a difference.

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