Control Systems Engineer

Control Systems Engineer

Date Posted
24th October 2018
Control Systems Engineer, Electric Vehicles
Oxford / UK
Competitive Salary

Role Overview:

To support the development of real time electronic control systems for electric powertrain control and energy management.


Main Responsibilities:

  • Design and development of real-time control systems for Formula E car using Simulink, including powertrain control and energy deployment algorithms
  • Develop and test controls performance through modelling and bench testing
  • Assist in the development of on car embedded software
  • Develop test plans and requirements
  • Support in the development of software tools
  • Generation of technical documentation to cover trackside operation, test programmes, procedures and updates


Qualifications, skills and experience required:


  • Degree level academic background in engineering, computer sciences or related academic subject
  • Experience of developing control systems for hybrid or electric powertrains
  • Experience with Model-Based Design and control technology
  • Previous experience with embedded software design
  • Understanding of embedded control systems, hardware in the loop system development, vehicle networks, MATLAB and Simulink
  • Ability to use Simulink/Stateflow and Embedded Coder for real time embedded control
  • Embedded project experience, i.e. Embedded Development Kit, BeagleBone Raspberry Pi, Arduino
  • Experience with automotive electronic systems, CAN, data acquisition and sensing technology



  • Experience with McLaren Electronics Systems software tools such as System Monitor and ATLAS
  • Understanding of Electronic hardware design, reading schematics, device datasheets
  • Previous motorsport experience

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