System / Electronic Engineer

System / Electronic Engineer

Dragon Racing
Date Posted
1st August 2018
Electronics Engineer, Systems Engineer

At the event:

  • Work alongside the Race engineer ensuring that all systems on the car are working properly
  • Responsible for the state of health of the cars
  • Responsible of Data Analysis in the software “System Monitor” & “Atlas” to check the potential trouble in the cars
  • Responsible to put in place and follow Check list, process and procedures 
  • Responsible to ensure that the Powertrain is performing at the maximum
  • Responsible for uploading the maps in the cars 
  • Responsible for downloading the data from the cars
  • Responsible to take care of all the electronic system of the car, wiring, connectors and sensors
  • Responsible for trouble shooting any issue in the electrical system including, sensors, actuator and controller (McLaren ECU, Motec PDM , High Speed Data logger, Marelli ECU ) 
  • Participate to the IT set up of the garage with the IT engineer
  • Participate to set up the garage with the team

Before Each event: 

  • Establish Preparation work before the race event and to prepare Pre-Event meeting
  • Participate to engineer meetings
  • Work at the shop with other engineers to improve performance of the car 

After the event:

  • Data analysis of the last event 
  • Establish Report on the system engineering on each car cars after the race event
  • Check each sensors measurement

Development car work:

  • Work on the development car in between event to improve reliability and / or performance
  • Participate to Dyno test, filming days or any other team activity

Development on the next season Car:

  • Participate in the Low voltage architecture
  • Define all the sensors, work on procurement on all the sensors
  • Establish specifications for all electronic components 
  • Participate in the wiring pinout


  • Electronic Engineer
  • CAN skills
  • Sensors
  • Matlab simulink

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