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Please browse our Frequently Asked Questions to get the best out of our website. If you have a question that is not covered, contact us at info@racestaff.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.



Is my information private ?

Your information will be seen by companies carrying out a profile seach, they will be able to see the 'summary' you wrote about yourself and your name and contact details so they can get in touch unless you have chosen to be anonymous. In that case they can send you an email through our system without seeing your name or contact details, they can only see your 'summary' that you wrote about yourself. Do not put any contact details in your 'summary'.

How do I apply for a job ?

You must be logged in with a profile about yourself and a CV / Resume uploaded, then you can simply click 'apply' and your application will be sent straight to the employer immediately.

If the employer prefers applications on their own website then you will be directed to the relevant page on their website and you may have to upload your CV / Resume once again on their website.



How long are my vacancies advertised for ?

We have extended our standard vacancy posting time to 28 days although most vacancies are filled before then this can help with difficult to find employees.

What happens when I list a vacancy ?

When your vacancy is listed on RaceStaff.com an email alert is sent to all candidates in that category (eg Race Engineer) with a link for then to apply for the job.

All vacancies are also promoted through our social media networks inluding Linkedin (we run the Linkedin Group 'Motorsport jobs" with over 7,000 members) Facebook and Twitter. The more specialist vacancies are also promoted through specialist blogs and forums.

Compare this service to advertising in a magazine where they do not hold any database's of candidates, they just hope that relevant candidates ahppen to buy the magazine that week and notice your ad for a very high price.

Is my email address visible ?

No, the details you use to open your account are private and are not shown to the public.

What advertising options are available on RaceStaff.com ?

We have various options for advertisers, with over 25,000 visits per month raceStaff.com leads the way for jobs in motorsport.

Banner ads can be placed on various pages to suit your requirements, there is also an opportunity to 'sponsor' our regular email newsletters, contact info@racestaff.com for more details.


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