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Employer in motorsport

RaceStaff.com offers a unique service to the motorsport industry, designed and managed by Russell Howard in the UK/ Europe, Steve Jenner in North and South America and Tony Gonn in Australia.

Between them they have many years of motorsport experience from driving in national single seat championships to engineering race cars in a wide variety of race series to running prominent companies within motorsport.

With over 27,000 motorsport candidates registered and a state of the art system that notifies only the relevant candidates when a job is posted, this service makes RaceStaff.com stand apart from any other platform.

RaceStaff.com is a pro-active system that hunts out your ideal employees. It does not send you hundreds of irrelevant candidates. 

Magazine advertising is expensive and passive, hoping that your ideal candidate will buy the magazine that week and look at the job ads is very hit and miss, RaceStaff.com sends them an email notification when your vacancy is listed so even if they were not actively looking for a new job they will be made aware of your vacancy which could well tempt them to apply.

When a vacancy is listed an email alert is sent to only the relevant candidates allowing them to easily apply for the vacancy which then emails the employer with the applicants CV / Resume or re-directs them to the employers website to complete their application.

RaceStaff.com also has options for advertising using banner ads on your chosen pages, email info@racestaff.com for further information.

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